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With Dalton McGuinty stepping down as premiere of our province and proroguing the government business, Bill 16 has been killed with all other members bills that were currently on the floor. We will continue our fight with a new bill once government business is back under way.

WTF Toronto?
Did you have too much to drink on June 11th, and totally forgot who you should have been voting for?
I am done being polite about this, but Torontoians, this shit is on you. YOU voted in the Liberals. YOU forgot about all the corruption and waste. YOU are essentially killing family pets now. YOU are responsible for the 50% increases to gas and hydro bills. YOU are responsible for the $1.50 - $1.60 a litre gas proces when they hit. All so YOU could have you damn transit upgrades at the expense of the rest of the province. Well congrats to you. Don't ever leave and come to my town. Idiots.

Bill 16 is dead .. again.
With the changes happening to the Liberals and the resignation of Dalton, he has shut down parliment and in effect killed all members bills.
Our bill will be tabled again and we will continue the fight.

May 9th, 2012, Bill 16 passed through committee and was moved to be elected to be called for a third reading.
BUT, the Liberals shot down every one of the ammendments that were put forth to make this an even better bill.
This was possible by "stacking" the committee and substituting members on the committee to simply be "No Men".
We need to respond to this with more pressure then ever! Please fill out the form linked below and submit it.
Share the living HELL out of this link! We need to FLOOD their inboxes so they can actually see that we want OUR ONTARIO BACK!

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